World Business Travel goes to great lengths to make our technology solutions easy-to-use.
Here are some of the latest travel technologies we use to make our clients’ lives easier:


Empowering our clients

Self Booking Online tool

Our best-in-class online booking tool allows travel-bookers and/or travellers, to book flights, make changes, use credits, allocate seating, and find hotels/cars that comply with your company policy. You can even enable pre-booking authorisations.
Negotiated airline, hotel and car rental contacted rates are configured and displayed at point of sale.
Bookings can also be made via your smartphone providing greater flexibility.
Our effective training module will have your staff conversant and able to make bookings that comply with your travel policy. The training also includes an educational component on best purchasing behaviour to ensure that savings are maximised. Back-up support is provided via online training videos and our support desk.

Online Reporting

A full suite of standard reports are available with online access. Non-standard and customised reports are also available.
Standard reports are accessible online in real-time thereby enabling you to access the latest ticketed booking. Online is made available in CSV, EXCEL, HTML, RFT and PDF formats.

Duty of Care

Understand risk, minimise it. Know where your travellers are at all times.
Our e-travel tracker lets organisations know where their travelling staff are at the click of a mouse, fulfilling key ‘duty of care’ responsibilities.
The e-travel tracker can also send travel alerts direct to travellers, pre-trip and during their trip.